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DDS and Orthodontics

Dr. Walker is a Board-Certified Diplomat Orthodontist. Specializing in craniofacial growth and development. He has a clinical practice for 35 years in Harvard and Lunenburg, Massachusetts and Aruba. He has a part time faculty position at Boston University, Department of Orthodontics, where he has designed the Airway Development program into the specialty of Orthodontics as a medical necessity, teaching the intervention and treatment of developing early and late stage breathing issues; UARS, SDB and OSA.


Dr. Walker is the Symposium Director of Dentistry and Breathing Disorder conferences in Massachusetts and the Caribbean. He is the co-director at Boston University’s annual symposiums on SDB and OSA from 2017-2020; Faculty at FIERO conferences 2017-2019. Invited speaker on orthodontics and airway in Dubai and Morocco; Annual Sleep Summits in Kuala Lumpur 2017-2020. His publications include 2 private publications for public education, 3 Co-authored medical articles with Dr. Peter Catalano on Nasal Breathing. Dr.


Walker’s current interests and teaching include-

- Airway development; Mouth Breathing to OSA – a Progression.

- Research collaboration using computational fluid dynamics in nasal airway pathways, the transport of Nitric Oxide from the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses.


His clinical practice uses a 3D iCat Cone Beam and contains a library of 6000+ patient’s treatment history, being used for Orthodontic and Medical research projects.


Education; Florida State University, BA
College of Dental Medicine of New Jersey, DMD
Boston University Certification of Orthodontics.

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