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Specialty Care Services Offered In Boston, MA

If you have a chronic disease or other specific medical needs, see the experts at Arena Care and Wellness in Boston, Massachusetts. Board-certified physician Omkar Vaidya, MD, and his skilled team offer comprehensive specialty care to ensure you receive appropriate health screenings and personalized treatment plans. Schedule an in-person or telehealth evaluation by phone or online today.

Specialty Care QA

What is specialty care?


Specialty care at Arena Care and Wellness offers custom treatments for certain medical conditions, including illnesses, diseases, injuries, and more. The practice offers an array of specialty services and general medicine options. 


If you become a concierge member of Arena Care and Wellness, you have unlimited access to your provider by paying an affordable monthly or yearly membership fee.


What are the benefits of specialty care?


Specialty care includes superior medical services that help properly manage medical conditions and reduce disease risk factors.


The Arena Care and Wellness experts are highly skilled in general and specialty medicine. By choosing this practice to meet your primary care and specialty care needs, you can maximize your health and diminish the risk of complications.


Arena Care and Wellness offers in-person and telehealth options for added patient convenience. 


Which specialty care services are available?


Arena Care and Wellness provides the following specialty care options:


Medical weight loss


Medically supervised weight loss is a safe, effective way to reach and maintain an ideal body weight. Your Arena Care and Wellness provider is highly skilled in general weight management, custom meal plans, and weight loss medications to ensure the best chance of long-lasting success.


Chronic disease management


If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, or another chronic condition, the Arena Care and Wellness experts offer superior care. The providers have vast experience in nephrology, cardiology, and many other medical specialties. 


Men’s health


Seeing a provider who specializes in men’s health care is vital for men to stay as healthy as possible with a low risk of medical complications. Arena Care and Wellness offers prostate exams for men, treatments for hormone imbalance, heart disease screenings, and much more. 


Women’s health


The women’s health care specialists at Arena Care and Wellness provide pelvic and breast exams, Pap tests, hormone therapy, menopause symptom management, birth control, and numerous other women’s health services.


How often should I schedule specialty care appointments?


Your Arena Care and Wellness provider determines when to schedule your next specialty care appointment based on your symptoms, overall health, medications, and the severity of any medical conditions. You might meet with your provider monthly, every few months, yearly, or as needed to maximize your health and well-being.


Schedule an in-person or telehealth specialty care appointment at Arena Care and Wellness by phone or online today.

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