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Arena Care and Wellness is an outstanding primary care and concierge medicine practice in Boston, Massachusetts, led by board-certified physician Omkar Vaidya, MD. The practice sets high standards for top-quality patient care and safety. 


The Arena Care and Wellness team focuses on helping patients gain immediate access to premium services for various medical conditions.


The practice offers Primary Care, Concierge Care, Medical Weight Loss, IV Infusion and IV Therapy, nephrology, sick visits, disease management, wellness services, and chronic diseases. Patients struggling with high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and allergies, injuries, illnesses, and other conditions can rely on Arena Care and Wellness for outstanding care.

The team makes patients’ lives easier with quick access to testing and treatments. Arena Care and Wellness offers yearly or monthly payment options and direct access to highly skilled health care providers. 


Members with insurance pay a subscription fee with copays, while self-pay members have a subscription fee with discounted self-pay costs. Telehealth visits are available.


The exceptional providers warmly welcome new and existing patients to Arena Care and Wellness and look forward to optimizing their health and well-being.


Schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment at Arena Care and Wellness by phone or online today.

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